Customer Comments

I absolutely love your theory books because that is what I was looking for to teach my class. Your AP book is amazing because it is clear and easy to understand.  Majority of my students in my class are international students who cannot speak English well (including myself as Japanese), but thanks to you, they understand music theory no problem!

– Misuzu Kitazumi

I just bought a copy of your guide to AP Music Theory and am very impressed. Your blend of theory, keyboard, singing, and dictation is unique, clever and very useful. Thank you for adding another resource for helping students learn music in a fun, quick, and practical way.

-Bill Carmody, DMA

A sensible easy to understand book. Unlike a lot of the text books out there you don’t have to wade through a lot of convoluted language to get to the point. Very practical, with audio mp3s. Works well with individuals or in a class setting.

– review

I’m absolutely amazed by the marvelous theory materials you created and on which I depend. You created them so that most students can almost teach themselves the lessons – brilliant.

Your materials are superb.

Your books are well done.

I’m glad you’ve written this set of theory books! It should prove useful to those of us who use CM.

Bravo! The books are wonderful!

The books look great! …I’ll spread the word.

I think your theory workbooks are quite good.

The theory papers are really great! My students seem to enjoy them and they are learning a lot. I find them clear and comprehensive. …I have recommended them highly to quite a few people.

I found these to be very helpful and pleasant workbooks for younger children too.

We love your books!

I’m enjoying [the books].

[Your books are] very clear.

Your theory books look terrific.

I like your theory papers far better than any of the other equivalent series! All the students I entered for Certificate of Merit…obtained percentages in the high nineties, which I definitely attribute to the very clear and simple way each lesson is laid out in “Basics of Keyboard Theory.”

These books are great!

My students really like your theory books.

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of your books. I look forward to using them.

Thanks! They’re great!

Thank you for all your good work.

I have been very pleased with the material in your theory books–it is my opinion that they are the easiest to understand and teach from than any I have seen.

My kids all say these are easy to understand. I really like them!

They’re terrific! Enclose extra order blanks and I’ll pass them out to my friends.

My students love using your books–much easier to teach from.

I do like the books.

We really like your program!

Bravo–they are very well done!

I love…the books.

The books are great!

I like your approach–introducing new elements and providing plenty of review in subsequent levels. I also like the brief introductory section at the beginning of each book, stating the skill level that goes along with that theory level.

I was impressed by your theory.

Your theory books are great!

I’m very pleased with your straight-forward, thorough, non-gimmicky series.

The students like the workbooks a lot. I am thrilled with the students’ progress.

I love your theory books and am grateful that you have put them together in such an organized manner!

[I] am glad that you took time to write these theory books. They are the clearest and most direct books I have seen.

All of my pupils are enjoying your excellent theory books.

Your theory workbooks are a great tool in preparing students for CM testing.

They are very good. Good luck with them.

I have told several people in Fresno about your books, and they are very excited!

I love your books! The kids love them too.

My son has been using your books to prepare for the MTAC exams for years. He is now a level 8 student and scored a 96% on the exam, thanks to you and your contribution to music.

I appreciate the programmed learning you employ so the students can learn on their own or research backwards to find something they may have missed or didn’t “get” the first time so can revisit.

Level 4: review

I started taking Music Theory at the College level and found this book. It is a wonderful adjunct to the material presented in Music Theory at the College level. It helped myself and numerous other students who were in my class.

If you are somewhat familiar with Music Theory this is the book to get.

There are numerous exercises in here to help “grind” in the material that is presented.

It also includes Review chapters at the end.

Level 9: review
This series adds skills slowly, but with good explanation. But most of all, this series compliments almost all other non-theory music of all levels, without interfering. Great side book to study theory in details, step by step.

Level 3 amazon
My piano teacher recommended this book to me. I find it very useful. Lots of reviews after reading the text.

Level 5 amazon
All of the books by Julie Johnson are amazing. I now have the whole series. Have been taking Music Theory at a local college and these have been helping tremendously. I highly recommend the entire series to get you going deeply into Theory!!